Anger #13, Learning Process

anger #13

This is a larger format that what I’d been using, 52″ h x 48″ w or 132cm x  122cm. Slightly different approach. I wanted it to seem like she was coming out of the darkness but its hard to see here. There are dark brushstrokes on that side, dark red brown with blue added for a deep purple  brown on the right.  And on the left is the figure dissolving into into the frenzied brushstrokes. I guess you could say she was only able to contain half of the anger.  I am ok with this but it is not my most successful one. There are parts to it I like but overall…… meh.  I could keep working on it but  I think it is better to move on to another. I don’t want to work on it and get a mess and then abandon it. Learning process.


Trying to Contain the Anger, #12

trying to contain the anger 12

This is the latest in the series/suite of  Trying to Contain the Anger. This actually worked up quickly. I want to go to a much larger format. Just have to see. I toned down the background with a brown but still allowed it to read as a red.

Trying to Contain the Anger, #11

This is the painting I did last October/ November. I posted the initial layer back on Oct 21. I finished this sometime last November. I am pleased with it. I wanted the figure to come out of the background and she kind of does although, it may be hard to see here. Anyway, 30″ x 30″. For me, this is one of my more successful paintings. The  colors work to create an over all mood of sadness but  also slow burning anger.

larger blue purple anger



new year, new painting

I hadn’t realized just how long it has been since I’ve posted here. I finished the other painting that I wrote about previously and I’ll have to post a picture of it finished.

For now I want to put this new painting up. I really like the background color. It is just alizarian crimson thinned a bit.   This painting is 24″ x 24″. it is the first layer that I just started  today.

I’ve been sick the past 3 weeks with cough, congestion and wheezing. Not fun. I think I am finally over it although I still have congestion. I had no energy to do much of anything let alone paint. Anyway, the next painting on my easel.

contain Anger red background

Larger figure, work in progress

This is the first layer of paint for the larger Trying to contain the Anger close up. I start with a light drawing of the figure and the adjustments I usually do in pencil but with this, I took a brush with thinned burnt umber and adjusted some of the face and then I put in the shadows. This is the layer after that. I wanted a dark background for this. Usually, I don’t think about it until I do 2 or 3 layers. So slightly different approach. Now, I fiddle more with the face and shadows and getting the arms to look like arms and…..on and on. I’ll post the progress here 30″ x 30″ or  app. 76 cm x 76 cm



purple background



Small Format Suite #5

This is the fifth in the suite thus far. I started with just ultramarine blue and white but added yellow ochre light and a bit of cobalt blue. My camera has started putting dates on images. I must have clicked something on it.  I’m including another picture showing some of the suite pictures together in my studio. I have the larger canvas that I want to use and a couple of other smaller square canvases. I plan on painting over the paintings I have on  the 2 more.


suite #5 in blue

#5 suite in studio

#5 on easel

Small format Trying to Contain the Anger #4

In this version I isolated the face and upper body of the figure. The colors I used were mostly warm. I wanted the position of the hands and the face to convey emotion, not the vigorous brushstrokes or saturated colors I  usually use. I am really happy with this figure but I am not sure there is a sense of strong emotion here.

I have done 5 of these smaller paintings. I started out with the idea of a suite but they seem to have developed more as studies. I like them however they are labeled. I have 1 more small canvas that I’m thinking of something different. And then I have the larger canvas 30″x 30″ that I’ll probably do one last figure on it.

small anger brown

Trying to Contain the Anger #5

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