Morning Star

morning Star Compressed

Lucifer which means ‘bringer of light’ was associated with the morning star or Venus. It is one of the few stars seen in the morning as the sun rises. Hence, Bringer of Light. He was god’s favorite in christian religion until he rebelled. I like the Muslim version better . God wanted him to worship humans but he refused saying that he could only worship god.

New Gallery on ArtSpan

Angels is a new gallery, old work as well as a new one. see below

Tree [brown and yellow]

close up treetree brown and yellow

Smaller than the other trees. Has lots of paint on it. About 5 layers. I included a close up. 24″ x18″ or 61 cm x 45.72 cm

Family Tree

Finally am able to post this. Third in tree series. [larger ones] Was thinking of Mondrian and his abstractions of a tree. I didn’t go quite that far. I wanted to use some “not natural” colors for it. Maybe some of the Western wildfires seeped into my unconscious but that was not my intent. I have been thinking about family and the ‘ties that bind”. I’d like to think this painting is ambiguous in that it is colorful and lovely or not. Perhaps, I should leave it at that. I am pleased with how it turned out. I may do some smaller tree studies, exploring color but am not sure at the moment.

Bristlecone #2

This is another bristlecone pine tree. this link is to an article about them in Wikipedia. I was fascinated by the harsh climate they grow in and their age. They are one of the oldest trees around. But what really struck me was the twisting and turning of their branches and trunk. This is 24″x 24″ or 61″ x 61″ 2021.

On another note, I have to take a little break as I did too much gardening and my back is hurting. Trying to stay off my feet as much as possible. There is another tree painting on the easel waiting……Bristlecone #2

oak tree

This is the next painting in the series of trees. It is inspired by the oak trees in City Park in New Orleans. I would often drive through the park on the way to visit a friend. I always loved driving on the tree lined streets. The Dueling oak is still there. It was where in the 17-1800s guys would go to duel. At the time it was well away from the city. Anyway, I have a few photos I took and so used them here. Memories.

3 Trees and Bristle Pine

                                     3 Trees on a Hill, inspired by bristle cone pine trees of the western, USA.

3 trees on a hill

bristle pine tree

Bristol Pine Tree, 2016, 36″ x 24′ or 91.44cm x 61 cm

As you can see from the date on the second tree, I’ve actually have been interested in trees. They are some of the oldest trees. I am fascinated with the twisting of the trunk and branches. A friend of mine Rachel Newton had taken some pictures of them. With her permission, I used a few of her photos. And then I abandoned them, not sure why. As I was fumbling about for new inspiration I came across the photos and this one painting. I may have had another painting, don’t know where it is. There is a pictures of it on my older works site. Also a block print from undergraduate printmaking class is the genesis for trees. My daughter may have that painting. (she occasionally “raids” my paintings. it is fine. I’m happy she likes them!) Anyway, I rediscovered them and started painting again. So far, so good. I think I have a few more in me. They reflect the technique I’ve used for my angel pictures but with different colors and they are rooted in the ordinary world. Fingers crossed

2 things

I’ve started a separate Instagram account called schindlerartworks. Only art, just another way to promote them.

I’ve started painting again. Ha! I guess writing about “it” purge all that nothingness. Will see how it goes but I’m feeling pretty good about it right now.


I’ve hit a wall with my painting. Nothing seems to be working. The Vessels are ok but not something I’d want to do 10 of. Not enough complexity to sustain the image or the painter. I’ve tried several other avenues and they all just don’t feel right . That is the closest I can come to explaining “It”. There’s a painting sitting on the easel for over 2 weeks now unfinished, the paint drying on the palette. I wish I could articulate what “it” is but I can’t. It’s stuck somewhere in my unconscious, I guess. I find if I can define “it” or bring “it” into conscious thought then the block will dissipate. But this has been almost a month and “it” hasn’t gone away. This has happened before so I have to have faith the “it” will go away, eventually. I thought that by just painting anything “it” would go away but “it” hasn’t so…… here I am.

Vessel studies

These are 3 studies I’ve recently done. they are all 24″ x 18″. I took the idea of Vessels from prehistoric art, the Beaker people etc. I also thought of them as a substitute for the human figure. The third one was a surprise. I was painting over one of my pathway studies and came up with that. It reminded me of pottery that was pieced together from tiny fragments. I’m thinking of going bigger with them in scale [canvas size] but not sure. 61cm x 45.72 cm

Vessels 1,2,3

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