I haven’t been painting much lately but there IS a reason now. I’ve been writing a book, a sc-fi novel. It was an idea that came upon me back in the spring. I started writing down snippets and have about 28,000 words so far. I need about 60,000 to 100,000 words for a novel length. I have a ways to go. It is my favorite genre and goes back to reading DC comics when I was 10. My creative energies have been funneled towards it. Truth be told I may have exhausted my painting muse. I plan to draw or try different media. I may get hit by some painting inspiration but for now I am going to focus on my book. I shall continue with this blog intermittently.

Thanks to all of you who have followed me. It means a lot to me. On to the next adventure!

Tree [brown and yellow]

close up treetree brown and yellow

Smaller than the other trees. Has lots of paint on it. About 5 layers. I included a close up. 24″ x18″ or 61 cm x 45.72 cm

Family Tree

Finally am able to post this. Third in tree series. [larger ones] Was thinking of Mondrian and his abstractions of a tree. I didn’t go quite that far. I wanted to use some “not natural” colors for it. Maybe some of the Western wildfires seeped into my unconscious but that was not my intent. I have been thinking about family and the ‘ties that bind”. I’d like to think this painting is ambiguous in that it is colorful and lovely or not. Perhaps, I should leave it at that. I am pleased with how it turned out. I may do some smaller tree studies, exploring color but am not sure at the moment.

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