2 things

I’ve started a separate Instagram account called schindlerartworks. Only art, just another way to promote them.

I’ve started painting again. Ha! I guess writing about “it” purge all that nothingness. Will see how it goes but I’m feeling pretty good about it right now.


I’ve hit a wall with my painting. Nothing seems to be working. The Vessels are ok but not something I’d want to do 10 of. Not enough complexity to sustain the image or the painter. I’ve tried several other avenues and they all just don’t feel right . That is the closest I can come to explaining “It”. There’s a painting sitting on the easel for over 2 weeks now unfinished, the paint drying on the palette. I wish I could articulate what “it” is but I can’t. It’s stuck somewhere in my unconscious, I guess. I find if I can define “it” or bring “it” into conscious thought then the block will dissipate. But this has been almost a month and “it” hasn’t gone away. This has happened before so I have to have faith the “it” will go away, eventually. I thought that by just painting anything “it” would go away but “it” hasn’t so…… here I am.

Vessel studies

These are 3 studies I’ve recently done. they are all 24″ x 18″. I took the idea of Vessels from prehistoric art, the Beaker people etc. I also thought of them as a substitute for the human figure. The third one was a surprise. I was painting over one of my pathway studies and came up with that. It reminded me of pottery that was pieced together from tiny fragments. I’m thinking of going bigger with them in scale [canvas size] but not sure. 61cm x 45.72 cm

Vessels 1,2,3

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