new online gallery

I’m going to use They’re reasonably priced. I’m in the process of up loading images which is a bit tedious. For now it’ll be just my abstract shapes but I hope to get some of my figures on it too. Wish me luck and tell me what you think.

Update: It’s up and running. I have 17 works up. Looks good. I was going to put a whole lot more but it is a tedious job so I thought I’d start off basic and see what happens. I have both shapes and figures on it. I still need to do some editing . For now, it’s good.

I put a link on the side for the artspan is a bit wonky but it works.

online gallery

I’m looking for an online gallery for just artworks. Anybody know of any good ones? I took down my Etsy site. I want to find a site that is just artworks. I’ve found several but they want a commission, most are 30 to 35% and that isn’t sitting well with me. I understand they maintain the digital stuff but I think it’s a bit high but maybe I’m being unrealistic. Any thoughts on the matter?

UPDATE: After spending 3 plus hours shifting thru “art’ websites yesterday I found one called Artspan. It seemed to fit my needs. After signing up I noticed a lot of info on the San Francisco area and I’m not sure now if it is meant for a wider clientele. Sigh, I think I’ll just go back to Etsy or forget the whole selling on line thing. Frustrating.

Update#2: apparently there is an and an artspan .com………. sigh, i give up.

Pathway 31

pathway 31

Thought I’d try adding a curvilinear element to it. I like the colors but not sure about the curved pathway. 12″ square or 30.48 cm square. I like using the smaller canvases to work out different ideas. They work as studies but are works in their own right. I’ll be putting this on etsy.

pastel studies pathway

Some pastel studies for the pathway series playing with color and shape.

New Year, New Series

Time 1954                                                                                           Becoming: 60

This is the beginning of a new series. Based on the Pathways but also my Elements of Form series and my prints from grad school. Working on color and shape. I’m calling this Becoming and am using arbitrary numbers in the title.  12″ x 16″ or  30.4cm x 40.6 cm. I see these as bigger but for now I can work smaller and see how it goes.

shape 3 for blog

Elements of Form Series: shape 3. this was done c.1990 in undergraduate school. It is paint sticks on plywood. I don’t think I have it anymore. I like it. It reminds me of a bird [or 3] though that was not my intention. I may try to paint another version of it. I think it was about 2ft by 3ft but not sure. I have more elements on my other website of my artwork.  Below, Another Landscape, monotype. 1998, 15″x 25 ” Image not great as this was scanned from my thesis and is the only digital image I have of it. Hopefully, you get the idea.


Small Pathways: Promise of Spring

small pathways promise of spring

These are quite small so they worked up quickly. I am going to continue these for awhile as I have some ideas about them. Just wanted to put this out there. Hope everyone is good.

5″ x 5″ and 7″ x 5″   or  app.  13cm. x 13cm or 18cm x 13cm.   oil on canvas

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