In Honor of the Ancestors

The first one on the right is called In Honor of the Ancestors, [first artists]. After I painted in the outline, I decided to leave it that way. It reminded me of the cave paintings which is what I was going after. I’ve had to rely on stock photos of actual bison as well as numerous cave paintings and youTube videos. I didn’t just want to replicate them but wanted to make them my own. I hope I did that in the second painting, American Wood Bison 1. Again working from a stock photo.[ I actually looked for bison farms near me but the closest was about 3 hours away, maybe one day] Anyway, I am generally pleased with them. Not sure why I chose a square canvas, [30″ or about 76 cm square] but it is ok . I’ve not done any animals except for the rare dog portrait so I was a little hesitant at first.The hardest part was choosing colors. I went with a reflection of the colors first used, golden and red ochre, burnt umber and white. I’m thinking maybe have to get technicolor with the next ones.


I’ve taken a bit of a break but am getting ready to start painting again. I am thinking about cave paintings, going in a different imagery direction, but within my wheelhouse so to speak.

With the covid crisis I’ve been staying put and reading a lot. I was doing some gardening until my back decided not to cooperate. It is still quite warm here but we had some teasing temps of 64F [17C] in the mornings [ I found a formula for converting  F. to C. [F]-30)/2 = Celsius temp. For C to F Divide by 5, then multiply by 9, then add 32 a bit more complicated to remember]

Anyway… reading:      ” Do you think you weren’t loved enough?” …..”somewhere between ‘not enough’ and ‘not at all’ ”                                                         Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

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