Petite Right Angles

Petite Right Angles

This is one of several 12″ or 30.5 cm square paintings I did exploring color and shape. It hearkens back to my Elements of Form series from undergraduate school. I seem to have a representational vs non representational dichotomy going on. I like working with both. Now seen with the imagery of megaliths/standing stones vs. abstracted stones.

I’ve always been interested in the past. The Greeks caught my interest first learning about their art and where it all came from. I then looked back to the very beginnings of art making, the paintings on the walls and the standing stones. How were the stones put upright? A lot of muscle and cooperation of people, it seems. They had to cooperate to kill large animals and to erect their stones and paint their caves. They all dealt with death in some fashion, honoring the dead, worshiping the ancestors, giving form to their belief and grief. It wasn’t until humans started farming in the Neolithic that the idea of us vs. them took root. Survival. Land became important. If some outsiders came they would jeopardize that survival. Fighting became endemic. It didn’t seem to be widespread when the stones were erected. Humans, originally, were not warlike; they needed each other to survive.

We created art early on, paintings on walls, carving stone, dancing and  making music. Raising stones to the gods and heavens. We lived within nature. And then we didn’t.




Standing Stones painting

Standing Stones

This is something different for me. I don’t do landscapes. It is a composite of several photos.  The land is from the background of a photo I took along with 2 photos from online and several youtube videos. I was surprised to find lots of videos about Callanais and other Neolithic/Bronze Age sites. One of my favorite is the lunar standstill. I encourage you to check it out here. It is about 7 minutes long.

The background for the painting is near the  Callanais stones. The imaginary circle is in the distance . The stone on the right has ring and cup marks on it. Not sure if you can see it in the photo. Just something I’ve been thinking about.

I’ve also continued to do my Right Angles. They are an outgrowth of the Poetry series but also influenced by the stones on the ground in the circles. I usually have curvilinear as well as rectilinear shapes in them so just rectilinear or right angles is a bit different for me.

I’ve now got 2 series going on at the same time. One very abstract, the other, not so much. My painting style has changed as well. The application of paint is flatter, less gestural, less frenzy. I think the subject matter dictates that to a degree. I am enjoying the process .

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