first Iris of the season, bad art, and poetry

first iris 20

I wouldn’t normally post something like this but given the circumstances the world is in, I thought a little cheer might be appreciated. Irises are one of my favorite flowers. My grandmother grew them so I always think of her when I see them. It is that blue!

I have been working on ‘art’ but it is slow going. I’m in a phase where nothing looks right so the angel painting I all but finished, I painted out and started over. Also been working with pastels. I am enjoying working with them but am not happy with results.

I’ve also been writing a little poetry, haikus. I ‘m thinking if I get enough of them I may self publish . Something like a chapbook to give to friends.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading especially on prehistoric art, paintings and stone circles and such. Good diversion.

I hope all of you are well. I hope to have some images for you soon!

Work so Far

angels and face 2

Here are some angel studies I have been working on. These 3 are the best. The face is from a catalogue Ancient Terracottas from the South Italy and Sicily in the J. Paul Getty Museum. There is an e version of the catalogue which can be downloaded. I am thinking I may do more blending in the angels to give them more solidity. Right now they are just strokes of pastels. The face I found rather striking in its beauty and thought I’d use it to practice doing faces. I may do more of those too just because.

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