Vertical gyres

gyres vertical

These are the 2 vertical gyres I had been working on. Actually finished them about 2 weeks ago. They are both 12″x 24″. I think I’d like to try them bigger, longer, at least 1. I was worried about the contrast of the background and the swirls of colors from the gyres. Wasn’t sure if they would meld together but it seems ok. I think I need to start varying the colors more, maybe do a tonal work having the colors more subdued.

I need to get back into the studio more. Holidays have gotten in the way. I’ve got ideas but haven’t gone into the studio to flesh them out. It is a bit hard to motivate me since I have no deadline for a show or critique (grad school). I am happy once I get into the studio but I seem to find excuses for not going in there. The blog helps so thank you to all who have taken the time to look and read here. Just gotta get my ass in gear!

Gyres, small [from Yeats]

gyres small

This is a small painting 9″ x 12″ or 23cm to 30.48 cm. This is approaching what I originally wanted for the gyres. It is less orderly, a bit messier. I like that the paint is worked wet on wet in some places creating newer colors. I put the little blue/white gesture in the  left upper hand part of the canvas to remind me of what I was doing earlier.  I have 2 canvases 12″ by 24″ [30.48 cm x 61cm ] that I am painting side by side now. Painted the background first then have started on the gyres themselves. I was worried that the background was too bright with the colors of the gyres .  As I work the lines swirling around  and the the colors becoming blended, the lines are slowly covering the background. I want to leave a little bit of the background peaking through. I hope to have them finished soon. I have some smaller canvases that I’ll continue to use for the gyres. I may do one larger just to see how it would look in a larger format. I’ve gone back for the moment using the smaller canvases. They seem more intimate saying what they need to say without shouting it in a larger canvas.

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