Close up images of The Path II

It has been bothering me that I can’t get a better image of this painting. SO, I am posting close ups of the painting and using a different light source. I usually use florescent and incandescent sources in my studio. For the most part the paintings have looked fine. I usually compress the images so it’ll load faster and such.

For these close ups I have not compressed them and I used a halogen source. The colors look more true to form. I included the whole picture at the bottom with no compression for comparison.


close up 3


close up 2


Path II not compressed, photographed with no flash and incandescent and fluorescent light

It looks to me like there is more orange in the whole picture than in the closeups.

I hope this helps. Back to the studio!

Poetry Painting Part deux

Well, I thought I was finished with the poetry painting for awhile until I looked at the last one and thought. Dang, I really like this.  I really like the colors and the energy in it. So, I’m going to continue them but they will be bigger ( not huge, altho that’d be wonderful, but like 3 x 4feet something like that) than the little ones I started out with. Organic shapes with color, and yes, I’m painting over some old paintings. The color doesn’t seem to come out as intense and vibrant on the screen but it really is!! Yay!


the Path II

The Path- Yeats and Eliot+

The Path

The Path I   36″ x 24″  90cm x 60 cm

This is the first of this idea of the Path. It is from the Greek quote at the beginning of the 4 Quartets.  “The path up and down is one and the same”-  Heraclitus.  He was a Presocratic philosopher and for me made some sense when I studied  him as an undergrad. The imagery is from Yeats’ idea of gyres. Time does not flow in a straight line but a series of twists and turns, the past coming back to “haunt” you kind of thing.

And yet it seems to work for the beginning of Burnt Norton too. Eliot writes about the path not taken and the children laughing in the garden. The imagery works for both, I think. Both are dealing with the perception of time. This next painting is another Path. I added more layers to it. For me, this is the most successful as a painting. The original idea of gyres is lost but the jumble of the lines and shapes works as a painting.

the Path II

the Path II  36″ x 28″  90 cm x 70 cm

For now, I am leaving the Poetry Paintings. It is a beginning and I may very well visit them in the future.

I have had an interest in Paleolithic art and I want to develop some paintings from that. Elaine de Kooning did some of her last paintings about  Lascaux. There is an article in the September issue of Art in America that talks about the Paleolithic images especially of France.

There is also a wonderful book called The First Signs  that talks about  paleolithic abstract signs that I find fascinating. Before language there were images painted on a wall, dancing, music, carving of bone and other material. There was communication thru these things.[Susanne Langer talks about this in her books ] What a rich felt life they must have had. I think that is lost today.

I’ll see where this goes. Sorry about the Amazon links. I thought that was the easiest way to provide you with more info should you want it.  One of Langer’s books is an ebook you can download for free Feeling and Form. Mind, her book, is a bit of a slog in that she doesn’t just deal with art but has much info there that was available at that time about the arising of consciousness.

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