Trying to Contain the Anger, #12

trying to contain the anger 12

This is the latest in the series/suite of  Trying to Contain the Anger. This actually worked up quickly. I want to go to a much larger format. Just have to see. I toned down the background with a brown but still allowed it to read as a red.

Trying to Contain the Anger, #11

This is the painting I did last October/ November. I posted the initial layer back on Oct 21. I finished this sometime last November. I am pleased with it. I wanted the figure to come out of the background and she kind of does although, it may be hard to see here. Anyway, 30″ x 30″. For me, this is one of my more successful paintings. The  colors work to create an over all mood of sadness but  also slow burning anger.

larger blue purple anger



new year, new painting

I hadn’t realized just how long it has been since I’ve posted here. I finished the other painting that I wrote about previously and I’ll have to post a picture of it finished.

For now I want to put this new painting up. I really like the background color. It is just alizarian crimson thinned a bit.   This painting is 24″ x 24″. it is the first layer that I just started  today.

I’ve been sick the past 3 weeks with cough, congestion and wheezing. Not fun. I think I am finally over it although I still have congestion. I had no energy to do much of anything let alone paint. Anyway, the next painting on my easel.

contain Anger red background

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