small work, easels & some serendipity

I worked on this 20″ x 20″ today. ( both of the images slightly fuzzy)  Started off as gestural strokes and looks to me now that angels are forming. Wasn’t my intent but I like where it is going. I’ll let it rest for a day or two.  The other picture is of my studio. In the background is my beloved easel that has seen better days. I got it as an undergrad. (20 + years ago) I am having a hard time sliding it up and down. I tried “greasing” the wood with lemon oil and wax. It’s old. My son was able to get it up at that height with some effort. He told me to leave it there. I got out my little French easel I’ve had longer than the bigger one! It works fine for smaller work and since I have all these smaller square canvases.  I’ll be using it for awhile. oh and I’m still fiddling with watercolors but no joy so far.  Tempus fugit

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