progress #2

I’ve adjusted the figure to be a bit more central to the picture plane. Still in early stages and I hesitated to even post a picture since it will probably change dramatically with each new layer. I’ve found, tho, that looking at a picture of a painting sometimes helps me see things that I miss with my naked eye. So here it is with a detail of brushwork .


detail of face and hand


third layer

The angel painting is pretty much the same as in the previous post. I have a background and a figure and they don’t quite go together yet. The back ground has pale, pastel “morning” colors while the angel has bold, saturated colors and full of expressive brushstrokes.  I have to think less literal about the background. It’s not a sky but  an imaginary place.

I’m having neck and shoulder pain. I think starting painting again in earnest may have contributed to the problem. The weather changes here  haven’t helped either. ( hot, cold, hot, cold!) I am hoping with some P.T. and pain meds I can get myself back in shape.

Digital images taken without flash with a Nikon Coolpix camera. I’d love to get a DSLR but they are still pricey for me.


progress #1

I’m having to adjust the composition for the figure. She was too high up on the picture plane. I want her face to be more central . So I’ve painted part of her out and will see where that leaves me.

I am also painting an angel and have not posted any pics so here are 2. No surprises here. I’m painting over another painting. Turned the canvas so that its width is 4ft (122cm) and height is 3ft (91 cm) Both images were done without flash. The one on the left is the whole painting, in progress. On the right is a detail of that painting titled  Lucifer Rising 3. Somewhere there are 1 and 2. [see May 8, 2012 entry]





Finally, Painting again. If you go to my instagram account, I have 2 new paintings posted there. I’ve just started them so they will change over time.

I’ve been going thru images and drawings to post here. It amazes me how time flies when working on the computer.

I’m posting here 2 studies for the large painting I’m working on. From left to right : the original charcoal drawing, a study and the final painting which is now lost. Trying to Contain the Anger, early 90’s. There is another version of this that I posted on the instagram account. Will try to post it here later.



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