Painting again (I think)

Over the past couple of years I’ve tried painting but it just wasn’t happening. Everything felt forced, stale.  Instead, I would draw and play around with pastels. I’d also do needlework, embroidery mostly. And from that I came up with the idea of a new Elements of Form series. It is in the very early stages but I am thinking more in terms of geometry: square, triangle, circle.  Maybe a nod to Plato’s perfect forms, not sure, but I am thinking about order out of chaos.  Again, it is all very preliminary.

geometric embroidery

I made up this image using  triangles. I thought they were easy to use and would make an interesting image. I drew on the fabric but as you can see my stitching is not exactly straight.  I altered the lines as I stitched. I do plan to continue embroidering similar images as well as painting. Have to smile at my not so straight lines.

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