new subject, new colors

It has taken me awhile to get going on the trees. It is a new subject matter and new colors for me so I decided to go slow with it. I’ve used some of these colors before but not in this combination. Sap green, raw umber, burnt sienna, titanium white, Indian yellow, hint of ultramarine blue for upper grey background.

first paint layer

first tree paint layer

first stage of painting

first stage of painting

I wanted to capture the twisting branches so I used the “angel” ropey brushwork for them. I used the patches of color brushwork (seen in my figure works) for  the trunk, adding to its solidity, anchoring it to the ground. I refined some of the brush work and eliminated a couple of branches to the right today. It looks more 3 dimensional in the photo than it actually looks in the studio. I’m thinking I may go that way for the trunk, a more defined shape as opposed to the branches. Not sure about the background. It doesn’t seem integrated with the tree yet I like the mistiness of it. Decisions, decisions.

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