Finding Inspiration

color study 1, 4 blue lines

crocheted blanket

As you can  see from the dates, I hit a rather long, for me, dry spell.  I knew I was at the end of a figure cycle and wanted to go back to non representational work. But how to proceed? I wanted something new, not the organic shapes I had done in grad school. So I waited and, in the mean time, kept my hands busy with knitting and crocheting. I decided to crochet a blanket for my bed and initially chose reds with a small amount of green for contrast. Of course, I went over board with the colors but am very pleased with the outcome. Here is a picture of it on the right, has a south-western feel, I think.  I kept thinking/picturing what it would look like with just reds and yellows with blue as contrast. I picked up my brush and came up with this painting on the left. It is hard to see the blue in the photo, I plan to go over the blue once the paint dries a bit. Using cobalt blue with a “hit” of white mixed in it. This may be a start of a series or may be just the one. Don’t know just yet, but I am painting again and it felt really good!

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