unity of opposites

first layer of self-portrait using sap green

This is the first layer of the self-portrait that I recently started. I’m using green as an underpainting because I am thinking of using some reds on top of it. I got the idea from Scott Kahn (@ownnothing on twitter, he’s also on FB, wonderful painter) He had posted online several pictures of his work. I complemented Scott on one of them only to have him point out that it was the underpainting! Needless to say, I felt silly.  While I was thinking of the next layer of this portrait, the incident popped into my mind. (using compliments in this way is one of those 2D design exercises for beginning painters!)

I’ve sketched in the other 2 faces. I was unsure whether the poses in the photos would work but I think they will. Progressing  slowly.

“The path up and down is one and the same.” Heraclitus


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