Art & Existence

This is a chapter in a book I’ve recently discovered called Art & Existentialism by Arturo Fallico, published in 1962.  It was quoted in another book I was reading and I was able to find a used copy thru .  Anyway, in my readings I hadn’t come across it before and even tho its “dated” I thought it was worth a look.

” What is human existence like? How does it feel to exist as a (hu)man?” pg.55  This sums up what my figures are about. I always think of them as “becoming”, in the process of forming or coming into existence, the moment between before and after. What it feels like to be there and not there, to be noticed or forgotten, isolated and alone.

I need to sharpen my philosophy writing skills as it feels strange using terms that once flowed freely. It has been a long while since I studied aesthetics. From time to time I do like reading it.

This is a very rough draft and I’ll be adding and refining this but I wanted to put something down in some form while the thought is fresh, unmediated…





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